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2023 Fisher House’s Biggest Fan

Round of applause for TEAM Axient and their families, led by Joel Abrahams, who earned the honor through all-year support from preparing meals, tail-gate morale parties at the Fisher House, hosting collection drives as part of Christmas in July, support for our Gala and volunteering at many community festivals. Thanks to Joel, Suzanne and Gunny, and all the employees who embody giving back. #wenoticed

Learn more about recent news here, congrats Joel!


Guestimonial from October 2023

Our families say it best…

“Thank you so much for providing an amazing place to stay for these two weeks. We felt so welcomed and at home with everyone.  It was perfect and couldn’t have asked for better staff to be there for us!”

2023 Volunteer of the Year

Congratulations, Wayne Williams, 2023 Volunteer of the Year! Wayne has been volunteering with Fisher House for the past 7 years, helping to organize all the moving parts for our annual gala, and all the festivals we support in the community. In 2021, Wayne stepped up to be the Liaison and now skillfully leads almost 800 volunteers in 7-12 special events each year. Event inrastructure, set up, staffing, tear down – he specializes in chaos management and trying to teach me how to put up a tent! Wayne retired from the Marines, continues to work full time for Lockheed Martin at Eglin, and is making a big difference in our mission.   Appreciate you Wayne!

Guestimonials — September 2023

Borrowed from our friends at Friends of Pittsburgh Fisher House – our families say it best:

“Thank you for being such a fabulous, home away from home.  My husband and I came down from SC to help our son during the first week after shoulder surgery.  We were grateful to be close to him while he adjusted to temporarily one-handed for awhile.  It’s nice t know this place is available for those who need it. Thank You!”

SERCO goes for the GOLD PLUS with our 2023 Helping Heros Gala October 5

Serco works to continually shape markets and public services for the better. Serco Group plc’s roots go back to 1929, becoming Serco Limited in 1987 and in 1988 was listed on the London Stock Exchange. Serco specialise in the delivery of essential public services, with over 50,000 people working in defence, transport, justice, immigration, healthcare and other citizen services across our four regions: UK & Europe, North America, Asia Pacific and Middle East Serco also works to help support our mission for our local Fisher House! We love their faithful support! To learn more about this business click the link

Eglin Federal Credit Union returning as a GOLD Sponsor for the 2023 Helping Heros Gala October 5

Eglin Federal Credit Union just joined as a GOLD Sponsor for our Helping Heros Gala Hospitality & Hope in October.

EFCU is a loyal supporter of Fisher House and our mission. We appreciate them helping us continue to keep families together. Thank you EFCU for all that you do in our community. Learn more about EFCU by clicking the link

Navy Federal Credit Union returns as a GOLD Sponsor for our 2023 Helping Heros Gala October 5

Navy Federal Credit Union is helping keep families together by joining as a GOLD Sponsor for our Helping Heros Gala Hospitality & Hope in October.

Navy Federal Credit Union supports our Fisher House and our mission. Thank you NFCU for helping us keep families together! Learn more about NFCU by clicking this link

Hx5 goes GOLD with 2023 Helping Heros Gala October 5

Helping keep families together with us is HX5, who has just joined as a GOLD Sponsor for our Helping Heros Gala Hospitality & Hope in October.

HX5 has been entrusted by Government customers to support Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation (RDT&E). HX5 is also a Service-Disabled Veteran, Woman-Owned Small Business. Be sure to check out their website below.

Emerald Coast Regional Mustang Club goes for GOLD with 2023 Helping Heros Gala October 5

Emerald Coast Regional Mustang Club has joined as a GOLD Sponsor for our Helping Heros Gala Hospitality & Hope in October.

The ECRMC was created in 1987 by four local Mustang enthusiasts as an informal social group. The Emerald Coast Regional Mustang Club was officially sanctioned as a non profit organization by the state of Florida in 1989. The club has steadily grown over the years and was officially recognized and adopted as a regional group by the Mustang Club of America in 1995. To learn more about this amazing mustang club located right here in Fort Walton Beach click this link!

Best Day at Fisher House Story by our house staff, Guest Hospitality Chere’ York

“Working at the Fisher house has given me so much inspiration and validation, not just one day but many days. One time in particular was when a guest was staying here long term. She was down spending the last few weeks or days with her mother who was terminal. After talking to this guest we bonded over her mothers fate because it was a similar fate of my husbands grandmother. Dementia is a long term terrible illness that fades away at that particular person. However, in her darkest days she gave me light. She prepared me for what’s to come and told me not to be afraid for the lord will comfort. A few days after her mother passing she shared with me a project she was doing to help others like her and her mother. She presented me with a sensory pillow to help with anxiety and jitters dementia patients get while traveling, thinking or even being in their own minds. She had made one for my husband’s grandmother and many others during her time at the Fisher House. Kindness can transform someone’s dark moment with a blaze of light. To that guest, and now friend, she will never know how much her carting mattered. The way she brought goodness and joy in her worst days to myself and the other staff was remarkable. I will never forget her and pray for her often. So you see, it’s not just a single day here that is great it’s every day, every guest, every one’s mission. ”