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Our Military Partners

The panhandle of Florida is home to numerous military installations; thousands of military personnel and their families who also give back to the community they call home while here.  

We count on the generosity of their time through volunteerism, both at the Fisher House on Eglin and supporting many community events annually that raise funds for our mission.

We call those squadrons, morale/booster clubs/private orgs our partners because most of these events happen when they come in big numbers to augment our dedicated volunteers who love our military like we do.  We like to recognize our active duty personnel specifically with an annual designation, the BBC, the Best Booster Club with a Liter award for teambuilding and bragging rights for making a difference.  In 2022, the 33 AMXS, the Dragon Booster Club earned the distinction.  

YTD, here are the numbers for 2023

36 EWS
Gumbo 2
Tacos 84.25

Gumbo 3
Tacos 10

33 AMXS/Dragon Booster Club
Tacos 38.25

96 CS/96 Community Club
Gumbo 11 (thanks Joshua)
Tacos 37.50

96 LRS
Gumbo 17 (thanks POL)
Tacos 25 (thanks POL)

Airman Committed to Excellence
Gumbo 27 
Tacos 8 (thanks Robert!)

513th EWS
Tacos 10

16 EWS
Tacos 10.5

87 EWS
Tacos 23

We love all our military and would LOVE to include more groups in this lighthearted competition.  For more information, please contact Mia Hughes, 850-259-4956 by phone or text, or