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Many items can be donated to the Fisher House so that they do not need to be purchased.  Here are some popular items currently being purchased.  Please consider donating!  Our support office is located inside Workspace Suites, 1992 Lewis Turner Boulevard, near the NW Florida Fairgrounds, 9-5 Monday through Friday for those without base access.  Click here for our online Amazon shopping wish list.

1. K-cups
2. Flavored creamers, powdered – hazelnut, french vanilla (large containers from a bulk store are fine)
3. To go coffee cups with lids (going through these quickly)
4. Cereal bars (especially if we have children as guests or for those kids at heart) – stone ground whole wheat fig bars are very popular
5. Asst individual cereal (single serve)
6. Asst mini chocolates – we always keep a large bowl on the counter in the kitchen for passersby needing a quick shot
7. Asst individual chips
8. Fruit Snacks
9. La Croix flavored sparkling water
10. Ginger Ale (diet and regular)
11. Gatorade
12. Paper Plates
13. Mixed Nuts
14. Laundry Detergent
15.  Dishwasher Detergent
16.  Fabric Softener
17. Power Towels
18.  Bottled Water
19.  Herbal Teas (Caffeine free)
20. Travel sized hand sanitizer

Because a family’s love is the best medicine and many of our guests are too humble to ask for specific items.  Let’s keep the pantry stocked with fresh, fun and feel good items during their stay.

Words from Guests:

“I am so grateful to be able to stay here. My niece was injured really bad in a car accident and family needed to be here. I jumped on a plane with no clue where I would sleep when I arrived. God opened all doors and made a way, then Fisher House did the rest. Thank you so much and may God bless you all.”

“My grandson and I enjoyed staying and playing at the Fisher House. Thank you so much for your caring and sharing. It made us feel so special. We really appreciate everything. God bless!”

“Fisher House is awesome. It was amazing to have this beautiful place to stay. Mr. and Mrs. Fisher will never know the people they touched. From the time we walked in the door until 4 days later when we left, all you could do was feel the love of residents and staff. Everyone had a reason for being here and we shared our fears and hope of recovery. Thank you for providing a loving environment during a trying time.”