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Executive Committee:

  • President –  Jim Yurack
  • Vice President – Gordon Fornell
  • Secretary  – Bryan Creager
  • Treasurer – Jim Fisher
  • Past President – Teresa Halverson

Board Members

  • Michael Ambrose
  • Myra Arnold
  • Rob Connell
  • Eric Fiel
  • Dan Nowers
  • Shirley Pigott, Lifetime Director

Financial Advisor to the Board: 

  • Bruce Nunnally, CPA (retired)


  • Mia McKenna, Executive Director
  • Sheila Williams, Community Events
  • Annette McClelland, Administration

A vacancy exists on our Board of Directors and we are seeking an active, servant leader from the Panama City  area.  Please let us know if you are interested or know someone who would be a great supporter for Fisher House of the Emerald Coast, Inc.

Michael Ambrose

Myra Arnold

Rob Connell

Bryan Creager

Eric Fiel

Jim Fisher

Gordy Fornell

Teresa Halverson

Dan Nowers

Bruce Nunnally

Shirley Pigott

Jim Yurack

Mia McKenna