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The One for a Good Cause – Coffee House Wisdom – Reflections on Friends and Life

Fisher House of the Emerald Coast has a unique opportunity to offer our FRIENDS of Fisher House, Coffee House Wisdom, a delightful collection of relatable life experiences using the timeless references to the series Friends, the first five years.   Once in a lifetime chance, lots of FRIENDS participated in the shipment of this precious freight from Phoenix, Arizona including the author, Robert Vaeth, who lives abroad,  Kimberly Luse, Executive Director of Fisher-Nightingale in Dayton, Ohio, who introduced us to her FRIENDS, Shane, Emily, Bart, James, and Darryl at ABF in Dayton and friends fanatic, ME, Executive Director for our Fisher House here at Eglin.  Lots of moving parts, fun pun intended to coordinate safe passage for humans, and books, and they arrived safely in Florida waiting for their new home as a treasured part of your collection.  Sidebar – Research how to send light freight and wrap a pallet, whew, having a trusted, experienced partner is the KEY to success!  ABF was wonderful to work with – professional, responsive and patient and took ALL the stress out for this rookie freight shipper.


YOU will not want to put the copy down until finished, trust me! Anyone else a diehard fan like me? Could binge watch for hours and still laugh out loud as if seeing for the first time? These paperback collectibles will be offered for donations to continue blessing military and veteran families through our mission, AND the author, Mr. Vaeth will be in town the week of our Helping Heroes Dress 2 Bless Gala in August, earlier than in past years, please take note!  Gala week, he will be out and about on several meet and greets in the community at participating coffee houses and at Emerald Coast Harley Davidson, who will host a special signing event featuring the book.  Sam Gusoff, co-owner of EC Harley is a bigger fan than me, if that’s possible and their dealership supports us annually, along with every other charitable mission in the community.  Need a motorcycle or service?  Go see our friends Sam and Gus Gusoff, they walk the walk and Sam also served our country.  Mr. Vaeth will also attend our Gala on August 22, BACK this year at the lovely Henderson Resort for a formal affair complete with a plated dinner, an all star cast of who’s who in our community and a program featuring JP Lane, and our Master of Ceremonies for the evening, Jennifer Nelson.  Get your tickets now, sell out risk high, get your books here now Buy several and give as gifts!

Robert M Vaeth

About the book.

Imagine sitting down to coffee…With Ross & Rachel…Monica & Chandler…Joey & Pheebs… Imagine the discussion turns towards life …~~~ YOUR life! ~~~ Your Dreams…Your Problems…Your Joys…Your Experiences… What would you discuss?  How might they respond? Now Coffee House Wisdom offers you a unique opportunity to enjoy humorous observations and nostalgic reflections from your favorite show while applying its ‘pearls of wisdom’ to your everyday life. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, this enjoyable retrospective relives classic moments from the show and allows you to see yourself through the eyes of Ross, Rachel, Chandler, and all the rest. The subject matter is just as you would expect in a book about F.R.I.E.N.D.STM — friendship, love, personality traits, the search for meaning, pursuing your dreams, and getting along with others. The book is written in small soundbites (1-2 pages each) so that you can read it anytime, anywhere as little as one page per day if you like. With more than 100 topical entries, this simple structure guarantees hours of reading pleasure with something for everyone to enjoy… These nostalgic recollections, humorous observations, and practical suggestions drawn from the wit and wisdom of the characters themselves will find direct application in your daily life.

Important Dates to Remember, August 19, Matthew Perry’s Birthday, (TBD) Emerald Coast Harley Davidson’s “The One for a Good Cause”, (TBD) Coffee House Appearances, August 22, Fisher House 17th Annual Helping Heroes Dress 2 Bless Gala, September 22, 30th Anniversary of Friends Debut