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Our lovely home on Eglin AFB was dedicated in September of 2010.  Guests began arriving the next month.  Almost 11,000 square feet, the home features 12 suites, a super nice kitchen to accommodate two families and lots of common areas to promote hope and healing.  Typical occupancy is approximately 75-80% and when our home is at capacity (there is always room in our inn), guests are placed within our community at partnership hotels.  Got a referral to another facility for greater care?  We go with you.  Many of our families receive care in Pensacola, and our families stay in hotels near their loved ones thanks to our generous supporters who love our military like we do, and they show it with their financial support.

Would you like to see the home that comforts so many?  We have tours once a month, the second Wednesday of each month from 10:00 to 12:00 p.m. and open house twice a year.  If you need help with base access, please note that and sign up early.  Our house managers will help with a little heads up.  Click here for next available.

In 2018, our community group set a goal of raising funds with our #superheroesunite Helping Heroes Gala to purchase new furniture for the rooms receiving the most use.  In July of thatyear, the furniture arrived….take a looksie…..the photos are awesome and still don’t do it justice.  Thanks to Tip McAlpin, he was the interior designer with McAlpin Interiors that brought this to life! Click here to see the furniture virtually.

In 2019, our community group raised enough funds to have the entire home exterior refreshed with a durable, and very lovely paint, and also refinished all the concrete surfaces around the perimeter.  This makes them slip resistant, wheel chair and cane friendly, ADA compliant, and also, very lovely.

Early this year, we approved the refinishing of all the cabinets in the kitchen and the laundry room. The gift has been accepted by our generous host, the 96th TW, thanks General Cain! and work will begin soon.  Stay tuned for most photos.  Always 5-star love for our families!