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What does Teamwork makes the Dreamwork mean?

“Teams come in all shapes and sizes. If you’re married, you and your spouse are a team. If you are employed by an organization, you and your colleagues are a team. If you volunteer your time, you and your fellow workers are a team…Every day in some way, you are part of a team. The question is not, ‘Will you participate in something that involves others?’ The question is, ‘Will your involvement with others be successful?’”

Tickets to the gala here

Friends Books here – book signing in August.

In a recent gathering of our Board of Directors, we grabbed some professional photos featuring some of our high functioning TEAM.  Thanks to Lexi Rutkowski, our professional photographer, she was a delight to work with and created some wonderful images of the WHO behind our WHAT…….Stay tuned but here is a sneak peak.  Like Mets and Baseball?  Here is a fun video that captures TEAM spirit.



P.S. I met Lexi during COVID.  She was USAF AD and started volunteering from home during the “two week” lockdown that became so much more.  She successfully pulled off all our behind the scenes activities that entire year, went on to have another baby, transitioned to a Civilian supporting the same role, she and her spouse started a small business and both are now happily working together in the “family” business they created.  WOW.  So yes I am a fan. Shop local, and shop with those who give back in very BIG ways.