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Making a Difference

Simple acts of kindness, fulfilling basic needs.  A warm, comfortable place to stay and something delicious to eat.  THAT makes a difference in ways we can all relate.  Let’s help lighten the load for families staying with us, and at all Fisher Houses across the network.  Set your 2024 Make A Difference Goals, visit our calendar to sign up for lunches and dinners:

Borrowed from our friends in Missouri, here are some thoughts shared recently about the IMPACT of meals at a Fisher House.

Excerpt from Columbia Missourian, December 10:

After preparing meals and talking with some of the families, the American Legion

“One inpatient Veteran’s spouse told us that because of her constant vigil at her husband’s bedside, she hasn’t had a balanced meal in nine days,” Fizer said. “She spent more than a week snacking here and there, but not really fulfilling her nourishment needs.”

Another guest told the American Legion volunteers that she wasn’t planning to go out and get dinner due to traffic, since it was a University of Missouri home game. However, when she came into the house that evening and smelled the brownies baking, she said it made her mouth water.