Clemson comes to town to serve!

When Michael Jakab phoned us to say he was bringing an ROTC class here for spring break and wanted to incorporate some community service, we said YES, YES, YES! We love that this group of future leaders were able to enjoy the Emerald Coast and do a little TLC at our Fisher House. What’s your super power?

Retail Therapy offering style with a great culture – Mission Mondays at Altar’d State

For the past few years, Altar’d State in Grand Boulevard, Miramar Beach has hosted a few Mission Mondays for our Fisher House donating a percentage of their sales from generous YOU  to our Eglin house.  We have been blessed with some big love from these days and this year takes the cake….they have cute clothes, great staff and wonderful all American culture.  They embrace giving back and do it in a big way.  Have I said BIG enough?  Check them out,

Here’s the donation from 2021. WOWZA!


Volunteers Needed – All American Thursdays

That time of the year again – All American Heroes, held each Thursday in the summer by our friends at HarborWalk. Celebrate the heroes in our community at 7:00, make some care packages and stay and enjoy the fireworks at 9:00 p.m. Volunteers and Groups of Volunteers needed to assemble 100 care packages in partnership with Veterans Lending, Operation Gratitude, and HarborWalk. It takes a family of big hearts to support our families. Join us! Great for families! Packages will be distributed to heroes across our panhandle to say thanks. Goal to make 1,000 throughout the 10 week series. Suitable for youth too! Sign up here,

National Gourmet Coffee Day – January 18

The very thought of coffee can instantly work magic on many of us. Its earthy aroma and strong flavor really works wonders in uplifting our moods and gifting us instant comfort.  And this is not just a belief. It’s an experience for many of us. What is the secret that makes us crave for a cup of coffee when we are sad, alone, or in need of some good idea? You think there is some secret behind this. Yes, there is and it’s been scientifically proven.

You can’t buy happiness but you can buy coffee and that’s pretty close!  

Coffee is well loved at our house throughout the day; consider shopping with Amazon and sending some comfort to the families staying at our Fisher House.  Amazon wish list is here and includes k-pod options for our guests.

Veale family donates culinary talent to Fisher House on Eglin

From Rich Veale, February 10, 2019

“As many of you know, I am finishing up my Externship for my certification as a Chef. Over the past 4 weeks, I have put in over 115 hours in. I split time between Lolo’s Cakes & Sweets and the Fisher House of the Emerald Coast. Last week as we made the first of 2 trips to the Fisher House of the Emerald Coast, I asked one of the residents what he’d like us to fix. He explained that his wife had some digestive issues and asked if I could make something on the softer side so she could eat. She had only eaten yogurt and protein shakes over the past few days. Upon his request, meatloaf, mashed potatoes, baby carrots with an agave glaze. He was surprised when we brought it in. He thanked me and I had to leave for another appointment. Yesterday when I got to Lolo’s Cakes & Sweets, Priscilla handed me a card. It was from the couple that was at the Fisher House. They both thanked me for volunteering as a Chef at the Fisher House and went on to say that the food was great and the carrots were, “to die for”. Knowing that God has given me the power to make a positive impact on someone’s life is a blessing. Volunteer where your heart takes you. To the staff and administration of the Fisher House of the Emerald Coast, thank you for giving me this opportunity to share time with your residents. To my wife, Priscilla, thank you for encouraging me. To all 4 of my boys, thank you for your support, I couldn’t have done it without you.”

Words from Guests December 19 2018 – rooms 110 and 111

“Thank you Lord. Thank you Fisher House. What a blessing, what a community, Donnie, Marc, John, Judy and Melissa. You guys are doing God’s work every day. We traveled here from South Carolina to support my sister during her surgery. She reserved us a suite here in the Fisher House mansion. I am grateful, we are grateful. Thank you to the founders of the Fisher House.”

Honoring our Wounded Warriors at Christmas

Here is a note we received today and how you can make a difference.

“For several years my brother and I have elected to donate to some worthy organization or foundation that supports our wounded military and/or their families in lieu of exchanging Christmas gifts.

On November 30th, I was listening to a show on talk radio and the host talked with one of our wounded warriors whose family was greatly helped by Fisher House over a period of several months.  As a result of this interview, I have selected Fisher House to be the recipient of my gift this year.  While searching online, I was reminded that there is a Fisher House of the Emerald Coast.  This year, therefore, I would like to make a small contribution to help you out.”

Please join with this generous donor, who also is a retired USAF officer, in blessing our military families in times of medical need.   Our house becomes a home to approximately 1,000 guests annually and it is through you that this #loveisgoodmedicine takes place.

Words from Guests, October 19

“The Brumit’s love the Fisher House Foundation!!! During the past three years since Tim’s Spinal Cord Injury we have stayed at Fisher Houses across the country for long periods of time and have had nothing less than incredible experiences! Without them I am not sure we would have been able to stay near Tim during many of his 14 Major Surgeries or have the peace we felt staying among other families going through their own hard times. The staff are always leaning forward and there to help if you need them and a step back when you want to be alone. Want a reputable, worthwhile Charity to give to? Fisher House Foundation is one of the few at the very top!!!”

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