Nick’s Birthday

Today, I spoke with Ashley, his wife and it’s one of those calls you get – she wants to honor her husband, stationed at Hurlburt, U28 pilot, she mentions all the work done by Fisher Houses and when he came home……I am thinking injured and then she says “to Dover”….where our fallen come to be honored. Sometimes bad things happen to our best. This family is blessing more military families today in honor of Nicks birthday. Say his name, remember him and his sacrifice.

Learn more about Nick here.

Words from Guests December 6, 2018

“Thank you Fisher House for “better” lodging.  You are definitely a “home away from home” and much more.  Our stay with you for the past two days has been nothing less than awesome.  The services….from your friendly and welcoming staff (specifically John and Marc) to the amenities offered…is a 5-star rating.  Also, having the hospital right across the street is a plus.  We couldn’t ask for anything more as we wouldn’t want it any other way, especially during a stressful time.  Thanks again for your hospitality.”  It was signed with a huge smiley face.  I am typing with goosebumps…..the impact comfort lodging makes during a medical event, coupled with caring staff………

Words from Guests December 5, 2018

“This place has been a blessing. I’ve dealt with many hardships and troubles….and the Fisher House has been my safe haven. They assured me if there was no one else, they would take care of me. Thank you and many blessings.”

Words from Guests 12-3-2018

“Thank you for everything while I was here.  The warmth and comfort of the Fisher House is exactly what was needed.  The hospitality and level of care here was above all else.”

Eglin Fisher House turns 8, gets new furniture

Furniture arrives at Eglin Fisher House

For a birthday celebration, our generous community came together for a party, and brought two new rooms of furniture for our Eglin Fisher House.  Our home opened in 2010, and continues to serve our military families, providing a comfort home during a medical event so they may be together.  Where there is hope, there is healing.  #loveisgoodmedicine

Words from Guests November 18, 2018

“Thank you fisher house and all those who organize, for your generosity, all of us who are affected by a need, we have the fortune and blessing of the help you provide us with such good heart and good will. God bless you.”

Room 111, October 26, 2018

Room 111 – October 26. “Dear Marc, Donnie and Judy, Thanks so much for allowing us to stay here at the Fisher House. We appreciate all your collective kindness, it’s wonderful to have this facility available so close to this hospital.” Meet Donnie, aka Don Peckham, asst manager since our house opened in 2010. He and I had matching TEAM Fisher House shirts today!

How you impact lives – September 20, 2018

“I am not sure where to begin, but I am completely appreciative of the support of the Fisher House. This month has been unimaginable in both good and bad ways. The Fisher House did more than provide a place for me to stay. The option of staying possibly, more than likely, contributed to saving my life. So thank you for providing a safe place for me to stay and providing other necessities as well. I enjoyed meeting all staff and guests. I send what you gave to me, warm hugs and good vibes. Thank you so much.”

Words from our guests – August 2018

“I came here due to an accident by my daughter on I-10. I so greatly appreciate the facilities and help you have provided for me and my daughter after she got out of the hospital.  God bless all who helped establish this organization to aid and assist the great military of this country.”