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Breaking News – DefenseWerx goes Silver for #carecontinues 2020

Local DefenseWerx upgrades from Bronze to Silver for this year’s 2020 #carecontinues campaign.  We were hosted for a tour and learned more about their mission to support the Department of Defense.

What are they?
Established in 2012 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit named in honor of James “Jimmy” Doolittle, commander of WWII’s historic Doolittle Raid, The Doolittle Institute dba DEFENSEWERX (DWX) is headquartered in Niceville, Florida.  DWX has 5 innovation hubs located across the US.  Our current hubs include Doolittle Institute in Niceville, FL, SOFWERX in Tampa, FL, MGMWERX in Montgomery, AL and ERDCWERX in Vicksburg, MS.

Watch here for a VERY informative snipet on their mission.