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How to leave a legacy as a parent

1. Live your legacy.

Our children listen to us most intently by watching us live. So live with character, conviction, and passion. The most indelible legacy is the way that we live.

Meet Malinda Camp, who was a faithful volunteer of our Fisher House until her untimely passing in 2016.  She lived her servant leadership loud in front of her children, and this past week, her son and daughter prepared one of her favorite recipes, Cornish Hens for our families on the anniversary of her passing.  A tradition they have started and plan to do each year.

Here is the recipe,

A challenge to all of us to live so loudly setting a good example for our children that our spirit remains with them, and the blessings continue well into the future.

Malinda was a dedicated Air Force spouse and went above and beyond whatever was expected of her. She volunteered for many leadership positions in military communities and schools. Malinda was a pioneer in providing quality infant and child care for Air Force families. She possessed the charisma and leadership qualities to motivate people to embrace her mission and to excel in whatever they did. In 1994 Malinda became a Federal Civilian Employee with the Department of the Air Force. She quickly became an authority in field of Child Development in the Air Force. She dedicated her life to the noble causes of providing quality care and treatment for the children of our nation’s warriors. When our nation’s heroes died, she saw to their proper burial and to caring for their survivors and families. Malinda devoted 44 years of exemplary service to the United States as an Air Force Spouse and a Federal Civilian Employee. At the time of her death at age 67, Malinda was serving as the Flight Chief for Airman and Family Services at Eglin Air Force Base FL.