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Best Day at Fisher House Story by our house staff, Guest Hospitality Chere’ York

“Working at the Fisher house has given me so much inspiration and validation, not just one day but many days. One time in particular was when a guest was staying here long term. She was down spending the last few weeks or days with her mother who was terminal. After talking to this guest we bonded over her mothers fate because it was a similar fate of my husbands grandmother. Dementia is a long term terrible illness that fades away at that particular person. However, in her darkest days she gave me light. She prepared me for what’s to come and told me not to be afraid for the lord will comfort. A few days after her mother passing she shared with me a project she was doing to help others like her and her mother. She presented me with a sensory pillow to help with anxiety and jitters dementia patients get while traveling, thinking or even being in their own minds. She had made one for my husband’s grandmother and many others during her time at the Fisher House. Kindness can transform someone’s dark moment with a blaze of light. To that guest, and now friend, she will never know how much her carting mattered. The way she brought goodness and joy in her worst days to myself and the other staff was remarkable. I will never forget her and pray for her often. So you see, it’s not just a single day here that is great it’s every day, every guest, every one’s mission. ”