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9th Annual Helping Heroes Fisher House Gala Photos

Kathy Schumacher
Kathy Schumacher
Kathy Schumacher
Kathy Schumacher
Art by Kathy Schumacher
Pup and Sue Nelson, Cubs Fans
Pup and Sue Nelson
Peter Bos
Traci Green and Ed Espinoza
Tall Cotton Band
Traci Green
Traci Green, Carolyn and Ed Espinoza
Donna Riemer
JR McDonald and wife Melissa
Doug and Judy Brock, Brock Lawn and Pest – my brother!
Gail Allen – first person to buy a ticket to the Gala
Preston and Erica Jackson, Mia Hughes Rangers
Preston and Erica Jackson, Matt and Ashley Royalty, Mia Hughes
JR and Melissa McDonald, Maria McLean
Brad and Dawna Webb, Brooke McLean
Peter Bos
Traci Green
Traci Green wearing the Boeing Sash
Traci Green
Krista and Kathy Schumacher, mother daughter looks like sisters with American Airman
Trec and Chedbob Chedister
Amy Loch giving the peace sign
Jim Yurack and Amy Loch
Peter Bos and Ted Corcoran
Lovely Erin
Diane Walbeck is such a social butterfly!
Modern Quilt Guild Wonky Houses
Peter Bos, Diane Walbeck and Gordy Fornell
Diane Walbeck promotes EOD Fudge – thanks Aaron Hale and McKayla Tracy
Wine Wheel by Breakthru Beverage
Ted Corcoran
Diane Walbeck shows You Can’t Ride in my Little Red Wagon donated by Peaden Brothers Distillery
American Flag
Robb Rieney wins a golden ticket
Jim Yurack wins a golden ticket
Omar and Judy Wiseman win a golden ticket
Ted Corcoran, FWB Chamber of Commerce CEO/President, Celebrity Auctioneer, President Teresa Halverson and Mia Hughes
Mia Hughes, Peter Bos, Master of Ceremonies, and President Teresa Halverson
Ed Hubbard, our featured speaker
Ed Hubbard
Ed Hubbard
Ed Hubbard and Ted Corcoran
Ted Corcoran
Ed Hubbard and Peter Bos
2016 Gala Sponsors