Honoring our Wounded Warriors at Christmas

Here is a note we received today and how you can make a difference.

“For several years my brother and I have elected to donate to some worthy organization or foundation that supports our wounded military and/or their families in lieu of exchanging Christmas gifts.

On November 30th, I was listening to a show on talk radio and the host talked with one of our wounded warriors whose family was greatly helped by Fisher House over a period of several months.  As a result of this interview, I have selected Fisher House to be the recipient of my gift this year.  While searching online, I was reminded that there is a Fisher House of the Emerald Coast.  This year, therefore, I would like to make a small contribution to help you out.”

Please join with this generous donor, who also is a retired USAF officer, in blessing our military families in times of medical need.   Our house becomes a home to approximately 1,000 guests annually and it is through you that this #loveisgoodmedicine takes place.